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Concrete surfaces are not only functional but they adds value to the property. Cement repairs and replacements can be costly so regular cleaning maintenance is important. That’s where Clear Shine Clean can help.

Maintaining Concrete: An Uphill Battle

Concrete sidewalks, curbs, walkways, and pads are under a constant barrage from the environment, foot-traffic, grounds vehicles, commercial, and private vehicles. All of this traffic contributes to a constant build-up of contaminates in the form of oil, coolant, fluids, and tire marks from vehicles; grease, grim, and gum from foot-traffic; and mold, mildew, algae, and other biologicals from the environment. All of this near-constant interaction leave your concrete as a real eyesore and a possible health and safety risk from slippery surfaces.

Neglected concrete driveways, sidewalks, curbs, patios, walkways, and pool decks can begin to prematurely deteriorate. A sure bet to get-ing the most life from your concrete investment is to find a reputable concrete cleang contractor. This is where Clear Shine Maintenance can help.

Our Solution

Neglected concrete driveways, sidewalks, curbs, patios, walkway, and pool decks can begin to prematurely deteriorate. A sure bet to getting the most life from your concrete investment is to find a reputable concrete cleaning contractor. This is where Clear Shine Clean can help.

While some concrete cleaning companies prefer to clean with only water, Clear Shine Clean uses professional grade concrete cleaners in conjunction with the latest equipment and cement cleaning methods to provide you with optimal results. With our onboard hot water capabilities, we can also remove those unsightly grease stains and stuck-on pieces of gum! Our service removes years of build-up from your concrete, effectively restoring it to a like-new appearance. Clear Shine Clean takes pride in our concrete cleaning service and stands behind our work until you are completely satisfied with the job. We provide professional concrete cleaning services for both commercial and residential customers in the Huntsville area.

Benefits of Clean Concrete
When you invest in our concrete cleaning service, you aren’t just getting picture perfect curb appeal. You’re getting surfaces that will continue to serve you well for years to come. Every home or business should have a clean, safe, and beautiful grand entry — And we’re proud to secure that for you with our pressure washing solutions.

Having Clear Shine perform house wash services along with soft wash roof cleaning services has increased our curb appeal and made the neighbors jealous. They even did a driveway cleaning after we saw how good their pressure washing service was. Well worth the investment!

Peggy and Tom Dalton

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Our Reviews

Clear Shine is committed to securing the long-term quality and curb appeal of your home. Hundreds of satisfied customers later, we’re proud to say that we’re achieving our goal.
"We have tried other house washing companies in the past and were not happy with the results. You guys were competent, professional, and reliable not to mention the excellent results you delivered. We were more than happy with your exterior house washing services and look forward to the next house wash!"
"...our company is looking forward to the commercial contract cleaning services this month. We love the job you guys did on the dirty concrete entrance and cleaning vinyl siding mold on the other building. The place looks great and everyone is commenting on it. The best commercial cleaning service we've ever seen!"
"Clear Shine Clean gets an A++ rating from me. Clear Shine did everything right...Clear Shine really impressed me... I highly recommend Clear Shine to anyone in need of their services."
"Calling Clear Shine Clean was definitely the right choice. Their power wash services were very professional and timely as the power washing crew was respective of our property and did a fabulous job. We recommend them anytime someone needs a power washing company!"