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The roof is one of the most crucial features of any house or building. Its condition will greatly affect the integrity and value of the property, for good or bad. Clear Shine Clean is dedicated to making your roof an investment that will last and become a beacon of curb appeal.

The Problem with Roofs

In recent years, black staining has been an increasing problem on shingle roofing. The staining is caused by an airborne algae and can jeopardize your roof’s longevity. The black algae streaks create an eyesore that will diminish the look and appeal of your home … but there is a solution!

The Clear Shine Solution

Clear Shine Clean understands the urgency of cleaning roofs suffering from roof algae. We use low-pressure cleaning methods to combat the issues and restore the asphalt shingles to a clean condition. Our low-pressure roof cleaning methods will effectively remove the black algae stains and/or moss from any asphalt shingle roof. Traditional pressure washing deteriorates the protective quality of your shingles and will void your shingled roofs warranty. Our gentle solution gets the job done without ever exposing your vital roofing to risk. Our exclusive low-pressure roof cleaning service will remove the roof algae and/or moss but will not harm your roofing.

The Importance of Soft Roof Washing

We take SoftWashing seriously. It’s especially important to the longevity and integrity of your roof that this is the only method used when addressing roof cleaning issues. Never allow a roof cleaning contractor to pressure wash your roof as it can remove the shingle granules & cause long term shingle damage… Not when there’s a safer, more effective alternative that Clear Shine Clean can offer.

The roofing industry agrees with our philosophy. Our non-pressure roof washing and shingle cleaning methods are approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association not to void your warranty.

Having Clear Shine perform house wash services along with soft wash roof cleaning services has increased our curb appeal and made the neighbors jealous. They even did a driveway cleaning after we saw how good their pressure washing service was. Well worth the investment!

Peggy and Tom Dalton
We have the knowledge and skill to give you the best roof cleaning solution possible. Spare your budget the pain of saving up for a brand new roof that isn’t necessary. Don’t replace a shingle roof that only needs to be cleaned. Contact the number one roof cleaning company in the area to learn how we can help.

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Our Reviews

Clear Shine is committed to securing the long-term quality and curb appeal of your home. Hundreds of satisfied customers later, we’re proud to say that we’re achieving our goal.
"We have tried other house washing companies in the past and were not happy with the results. You guys were competent, professional, and reliable not to mention the excellent results you delivered. We were more than happy with your exterior house washing services and look forward to the next house wash!"
"...our company is looking forward to the commercial contract cleaning services this month. We love the job you guys did on the dirty concrete entrance and cleaning vinyl siding mold on the other building. The place looks great and everyone is commenting on it. The best commercial cleaning service we've ever seen!"
"Clear Shine Clean gets an A++ rating from me. Clear Shine did everything right...Clear Shine really impressed me... I highly recommend Clear Shine to anyone in need of their services."
"Calling Clear Shine Clean was definitely the right choice. Their power wash services were very professional and timely as the power washing crew was respective of our property and did a fabulous job. We recommend them anytime someone needs a power washing company!"